Senator Elizabeth Warren was asked at a Las Vegas town hall last night:

“Does your commitment to the environment include a ban on the export of American oil?”

She replied that she wants the world to get off an “oil economy” and move entirely to green. She says she doesn’t think the Green New Deal goes “far enough”, so she has a Blue New Deal.

The funny thing about the Democrats is they want to preach to the people about reducing carbon footprints while they ignore their own carbon footprint. Warren was recently seen getting off of a private jet in Iowa.

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Watch below as she sees she’s being filmed and hides behind a staffer:

Warren was asked in an interview last Fall what she’s been doing to reduce her carbon footprint:

“So, I’ve mostly been flying commercial, um, but we’ve been trying to look at other ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint, and it’s everything from the kind of car we drive, uh and down to…do we purchase offsets, can we make that work as a way to try to reduce the footprint.”

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