Bill Gates finally admits that COVID-19 targets the elderly, “kind of like flu,” as if no one else knew that for years

Bill Gates was one of the loudest proponents of lockdowns, vaccination mandates, and other COVID-19 “safety measures” from the start all the way until the end of the pandemic. Now, he tries to cover himself by admitting that COVID-19 was very flu-like in terms of fatality rate, but claiming that we didn’t know that at first. We did.

Gates claims that we did not initially understand that COVID-19 has a “fairly low fatality rate,” despite statistics and experts saying otherwise nearly since the every beginning of the pandemic. We knew from the start that it was mostly the elderly at risk, and that infants and young people had a nearly negligible fatality rate without having another comorbidity like obesity or an immune deficiency.

He uses this to justify government action, and his stances on government action, in terms of “containing” COVID-19 and “ensuring public safety.”

Remember, Gates pushed vaccines like some kind of back alley drug dealer, and applauded Australia’s tyrannical quarantine camps.

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Now he admits the vaccines had two huge flaws. First, they did not block infection. Remember when saying that, or comparing this to the flu, would get you banned on social media?

Second, the vaccines only last for a few months if you’re elderly. Shocker.

Here’s the video of him admitting the flu-like qualities of COVID-19

Bill Gates might finally be admitting that the vaccines are flawed, and that COVID-19 is a disease which targets the elderly, like the flu, but he still hides behind lies that we did not know the lethality at first. We absolutely did. And his endless preaching for vaxx mandates and stronger lockdowns, along with his support of COVID-19 gulags in Australia, are unforgivable. He does not even start to apologize for these stances.

He also admits that he was aware of COVID-19’s targeting of the elderly, and its flu-like fatality rate as early as February 2021. Yet people who spoke out on that on social media were banned and cancelled. The lies the elite peddled about COVID-19 remained covered up for over a year. And still, no apologies.

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