ABC News’ “Nightline” pre-emptively attacked President Trump’s pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Kennedy on Twitter Monday night, claiming reporter Terry Moran would report on President Trump’s “controversial Supreme Court Justice pick and the possible implications for the country,” well before Trump announced the nominee.

“Nightline” tweeted:

Tonight on Nightline, reports on the controversial Supreme Court Justice pick and the possible implications for the country.

Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart News tweeted: Nightline: THIS PICK IS CONTROVERSIAL, Viewers: WOW, OK , who is it? Nightline: Well, no one knows yet, but take our word for it CONTROVERSY!

“Ronin Molon” nailed it when they called it “Pre Fake News”

“Michael,” asked Nightline a very good question, while reminding the activist ABC News network why America doesn’t trust the biased media: What’s controversial about the person who has yet to be named? And you wonder why people think the media is biased

Even retiring Republican Senator Orin Hatch caught ABC News’ pre-emptive strike on President Trump’s yet to be announced pick for Supreme Court Justice.

Utah’s Senator Hatch tweeted:

The President hasn’t even named a nominee yet so it’s very interesting to report them as “controversial.”

After they were blasted by Twitter users, ABC News issued a “correction” for their previous activist tweet:


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