Man up Booker, and stop with the drama. You’re not 3 years old.

If, when your friend lyin’ Dick Durbin called you with his ridiculous claim about (gasp)…words President Trump used, and you really cried…you should probably be looking for a new line of work. America can’t afford to have drama queens like you occupying a seat in one of the most important positions in our government if an unverified comment like “shithole” almost causes you to be hospitalized from trauma. What will happen when our nation faces serious issues like having to decide to send our troops to war? Will go to a room a cry with lyin’ Dick Durbin? Cuz from an everyday American, it looks to me, like you’re probably not really equipped to handle the pressures of the job.

Democrat Senator Cory Booker (NJ) proved how far Democrats are willing to go to tarnish the reputation of President Trump with another new phony allegation of “racism”, following an unverified remark that Democrat Senator Dick Durbin (IL) claimed President Trump made in a private DACA meeting at the White House. Booker, a likely 2020 presidential candidate, gave the performance of a lifetime, in an embarrassing attempt to paint Trump as a “racist” during a hearing with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen. In the hearing, Nielsen claimed she was present in the private White House meeting, and like Senator Cotton and Senator Perdue, she claims she never heard Trump use the words, “shithole countries”.

It’s interesting that only one day after the news came out that Trump’s support with black Americans has doubled since the election, that Democrats and their allies in the media have ramped up their efforts to push the fake narrative that Trump is a “racist”.

Booker started his rant by literally yelling at Nielson about racism in America, as though she was somehow directly responsible for every racist living in America. Booker continued screaming about the “fear” Muslim Americans have in this country (again, making it seem like she was personally responsible for the fact that Muslims are in “fear” of what, we’re not exactly sure). Of course, no one can be sure what, exactly, Booker’s comments have to do with the “shithole” witch-hunt inquiry.

Finally, Booker made himself a victim of hatred by “racists”, when he literally screamed about how he and his fellow Democrat Senator, Kamala Harris have received numerous threats. Perhaps Booker missed the memo, but to date, President Trump has received on average, between 6-8 death threats per day, including one from a Democrat Missouri state lawmaker. But never mind that little factoid…

Booker carried on with his unbelievable, over-the-top rant, as though he was making a passionate victim statement against a criminal who created a heinous crime against a family member, instead of behaving as though he was in a serious hearing.  Booker pulled out all the stops as he tried to shame Nielson into changing her previous account, in which she claimed she never heard the President say “shithole countries”. When that didn’t work, Booker turned to how the words “shithole countries” made him cry “tears of rage”.

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