Earlier today, President Trump tweeted about the Alabama Senate race where Republican candidate for Senate Judge Roy Moore has been the target of the left ever since he won in the GOP primary race in September, against the less conservative candidate, Luther Strange.



Unfortunately for the Democrats, their attempt at destroying the character of Roy Moore, by attempting to paint him as a sexual predator of teenage girls, continues to fall apart. Roy Moore’s team is coming out and demanding that the high school yearbook used as evidence by one of Moore’s accusers is more looked at by forgery experts after it was discovered that the signature doesn’t’ match that of Roy Moore’s and that two different colors of ink were used for the signature. The stepson of the woman who used what many are saying was a forged Roy Moore signature in her yearbook, has also come out to say his stepmother is lying about her encounter several decades ago with Roy Moore. Even the high-profile, leftist, media-whore lawyer, Gloria Allred, who represented the accuser with the yearbook, appears to have gone into hiding.  Meanwhile, polls are showing that Roy Moore is ahead by anywhere from 5-15 points and that the left’s shameful attempt at stealing the election from the popular conservative candidate in Alabama, is quickly falling apart.

Now that President Trump has endorsed Roy Moore, the left appears to be giving up the ship…

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Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” network analyst Cokie Roberts said now that President Donald Trump had supported Alabama GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore, it will be “very hard to defeat” Moore in the December 12 special election.

Roberts said, “He doesn’t have to go to Alabama. He’s done plenty for Roy Moore. Moore can put it in his ads, which he’s doing. He’s clearly got the endorsement of President Trump. Without the endorsement of President Trump, he won the primary. I think with the endorsement of President Trump, it will be hard to defeat him in the general election.” –Breitbart News

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