A conservation group and Democrat Congressman have filed a lawsuit to demanding an environmental study is performed before   construction of Trump’s wall on the border between the US and Mexico. Biologist Jeff Corwin paid a visit to MSNBC to breathlessly warn viewers about the dangers of the wall President Trump plans to build on the Texas-Mexico border national security purposes. He warned viewers of the “unprecedented environmental catastrophic” consequences Trump’s wall on wildlife. The MSNBC host responds to his highly dramatic warning by asking drama queen Jeff Crowin, “At the risk of sounding ignorant or foolish…the birds specifically…’Wouldn’t they be able to fly over that wall?'” …HILARIOUS!

Not surprisingly, there was no mention of wind turbines in Texas during the interview.


Meanwhile in America, Democrats remain silent about the bird holocaust caused by wind turbines every year. An estimated 140,000 to 328,000 birds are killed every year in N. America by these green energy bird blenders.

Instead of worrying about Trump’s wall “killing birds” how about addressing these wind turbines in oil-rich Texas that liberal federally-funded NPR promoted while using a picture of turbines on top of a huge wall of dirt? 

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NPR– Another record was set for wind power generation this week, according to the group that manages much of the state’s power. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas(ERCOT) says Wednesday evening, wind power generation on the grid reached10,296 megawatts (MW), or enough to power 5 million Texas homes during times of regular demand. That beat the previous record of actual generation by 600 megawatts, roughly the equivalent of a medium-sized fossil fuel power plant.

turbines TX

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Here’s the real danger to birds in America that few Democrats are willing to address:

In 2010 David Newstead, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service field biologist, visited the Gulf shoreline of Laguna Madre, Texas, to survey skimmers, terns, and egrets. But it was a flock of 15 American White Pelicans that caught his eye, flying toward the nearby Peñascal wind farm. As he watched, a pelican at the flock’s tail end was swiped by a massive turbine blade and “literally ‘erased’ from the air,” Newstead wrote afterwards. This in itself isn’t surprising—wind turbines are notorious bird killers—but this specific farm was supposedly equipped with radar that could detect approaching birds and halt the blades. The radar had failed to do its job.

Watch as what appears as this bird that appears to be an eagle, is killed as it’s chopped by a blade on this powerful wind turbine:

Wind turbines kill an estimated 140,000 to 328,000 birds each year in North America, making it the most threatening form of green energy. And yet, it’s also one of the most rapidly expanding energy industries: more than 49,000 individual wind turbines now exist across 39 states. –Audubon

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