Last month, President Biden went viral after a bike ride where he was caught on video taking a spill.

The video is one of many gaffes of Biden making physical and verbal stumbles since he took office in January of 2021.

Social media users have had fun with Biden’s slip-ups, including when he stumbled getting up the stairs to get on Air Force One.

Now, internet users are once again having fun at Biden’s expense after the incident where he fell off his bike.

Over a hundred people have reviewed the area where he fell and labeled it a “historic location”

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Some clever users have named the area “Brandon Falls”

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Following President Biden’s tumble from his bicycle last month in Delaware, internet users have marked the location on Google Maps as a “historic location” dubbed “Brandon Falls.”

The bike path intersection is located just north of Rehoboth Beach, at 95 Rd 300, Lewes, Delaware, where on June 18, he was filmed riding up to a crowd, and as he attempted to get off he struggled to get his foot out of the pedal’s toe cage, and tumbled to the ground.

Brandon Falls, as the location has been dubbed, references the popular chant “Let’s Go Brandon,” which rose to fame after an NBC reporter misheard the crowd which was chanting “f*ck Joe Biden” at a NASCAR race, and said the now famous chant.

According to the Daily Caller, as of Tuesday morning the coastal Delaware landmark added by internet users had garnered nearly 100 reviews on Google Maps, and had received a 4.9-star rating.

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