Yesterday, former Black Lives Matter protesters who then became Women’s March protesters, who then morphed in March For Our Lives (anti-gun protesters), took to the streets across America to demand we open our borders and welcome everyone into our nation without restrictions. As usual, the emotional, unhinged, anti-Trump crowd exposed themselves and their hateful agenda they promote under the guise of “love”, “acceptance” and “tolerance”. Their brand of hate and vitriol is anything but love, acceptance, and tolerance.

The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill and Kevin Fries hit the streets of Washington, D.C. to talk to people attending the “Families Belong Together” rally held at Lafayette Square.

Hamill was going about her job when a rally attendee came up to her and starting verbally harassing her.

The woman was visibly upset by a pro-life group that was peacefully demonstrating at the rally with banners about abortion. The woman lashed out at the pro-life activists and also TheDC employees who happened to be in the area.

Watch the Democrat Party’s poster child for the 2018 elections in action. ***Language and vulgar content WARNING*** :

Last night, Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, appeared on Fox News to discuss the pro-illegal alien rallies yesterday. Charlie hit the nail on the head when he reminded everyone that these are just re-churned activists who go from one leftist rally to another. Usually, these are paid actors, who are bussed in and funded by billionaire activists who let the little people do all of the heavy lifting, like wreaking havoc on innocent Trump supporting Americans or even in many cases, using violence, as a way to threaten pro-Trump Americans from attending pro-American or pro-Trump events.


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