Two days ago, the former MSNBC host Joy Reid suggested that reporters should humiliate President Trump and ask him if he knows the names of the 4 U.S. soldiers who were killed by Islamic extremists in Niger?

Reid was quickly slammed by Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto who asked Joy if she knew his name, or any of his “teammates that were left to die along with my by your messiahs @BarackObama and @Hillary Clinton?”

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The very next day, Reid again stuck her foot in her mouth regarding the Niger attack on our U.S. troops. With no knowledge or understanding of the reason our troops were stationed in Niger, the former MSNBC host tried to attack President Trump, as she suggested that it was Trump’s fault that 4 of our brave US troops were killed there by Islamic extremists.

Joy was quickly and justifiably destroyed by Stephen Miller, a writer for National Review who clearly has a better grasp on history than loudmouth liberal Joy Reid. Miller’s response to Reid was hilarious and humiliating all at once…

That wasn’t the end of the criticisms for the uninformed former host of the propaganda network MSNBC. Joy’s tweet continued to take more hits from people who are sick and tired of watching the media (or former media in Reid’s case) make up lies about our President without being challenged.

And, oh yeah, do you remember this little hashtag campaign by the former First Lady that preceded Barack Obama’s decision to send our troops to Niger?

Reid got slammed so hard for her ignorance, that one guy tweeted “We need a cleanup on aisle 7” after Reid was destroyed for her partisan attack:


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