Trump bashing Democrat candidate for Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District should take a lesson from Donald Trump and stop trying to hide his wealth. Sooner or later, you get caught…even if you’re a slick politician like Scott Wallace, whose claims he’s only worth about $100 million…  

Here’s just a sampling of the anti-Trump rhetoric that pollutes Wallaces

A candidate in the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District was spotted driving a Mercedes E Class BlueTEC luxury sedan to a recent campaign event despite telling a local paper he doesn’t “drive fancy cars.”

Scott Wallace, who inherited a large sum of money after his grandfather’s company was bought for billions of dollars by Dupont in the 1990s, attended a campaign event at the Ancient Order of Hibernians in Bristol, Pa., on March 10. He left the event in the Mercedes, according to a source who attended the event. The 2014 Mercedes E Class BlueTEC, which appears to be registered in Wallace’s wife’s name, originally retailed for between $50,000 and $60,000.

The trip in the Mercedes came a few weeks before the Philadelphia Enquirer published an interview with Wallace where he attempted to downplay his personal wealth. The paper estimated Wallace to be worth between $127 million and $309 million, potentially making him the third-richest congressman were he to win his election, based on an analysis of financial records. Wallace argued in response that he was only worth about $100 million and that he doesn’t own or use a number of luxury items.

“I do have substantial assets,” Wallace told the Philadelphia Enquirer. “I do not have a jet. I do not have a yacht. I do not drive fancy cars. I drive a Chevy. I grew up in Doylestown. I waited tables. I pumped gas.” –WFB

Wallace’s Twitter feed is filled with anti-Trump tweets, this one hilariously, tells his constituents to “follow the money”…like the money that you purchased your wife’s Mercedes with?

One of Wallace’s latest tweets calls President Trump the “most corrupt, self-dealing leader this country has ever known.” Wallace may want to be careful, many unemployed Pennsylvania residents who now have jobs, and tax cuts to boot, may not be so receptive to the multi-millionaire’s anti-Trump messaging.

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