A pro-abortion activist was tackled by a member of secret service for walking into Biden’s motorcade

They eat their own.

The same radical left, pro-abortion protestors who have been encouraged by the likes of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer, and whom the White House had no “official” opinion on regarding the unlawful protests outside of SCOTUS Justice’s homes, apparently took it too far now when one of them walked into Biden’s motorcade and was tackled by Secret Service.

While Biden did not address a plan by such an activist to murder Justice Kavanaugh, and the Department of Justice seemingly is doing as little as possible (read: nothing) to protect Supreme Court Justices, it apparently was a strep too far to dare to protest in front the Sacred Motorcade of Democracy.

You can see the protestor tackled by Secret Service almost the moment they step into the motorcade

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After being tackled, the woman protestor screams, struggles, and carries on to no avail as her colleagues look onward.

The tackling of the protestor by Secret Service due to their potential threat to Biden is protocol. However, what about the very real and very current threat to Supreme Court Justices? While the Biden regime does nothing but, apparently, protect themselves, the threats of violence to Justices ramp up. Many are beginning to believe that this is intentional to try to pressure the court to change their vote on Roe v Wade for a political victory–and they may be right.


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