Early Wednesday morning, an armed man was arrested near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home in Maryland. The suspect told police he wanted to kill Justice Kavanaugh because he was angry over the Roe v. Wade leaked Supreme Court document, as well as the recent mass shootings throughout the U.S.

After the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice, Joe Biden has failed to issue any kind of formal statement or give any comment whatsoever on the incident. He has not condemned the actions of the suspect, nor has he changed his tune on protesters intimidating the justices outside their private homes – a move that his administration has encouraged.

In fact, then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer explicitly encouraged protests to continue outside the homes of the Supreme Court Justices.

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After the news broke of the attempt on Kavanaugh’s life, Biden did speak to reporters briefly but did not mention the incident.

Shockingly, the only thing that Biden has posted today on social media were messages trying to boost his own self-image.

He first tweeted about how Republicans want to raise taxes on working families, and how he “disagrees.” Then he tweeted about how great his economic agenda is for the country.

Not one word about Justice Kavanaugh.

Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates released a statement on behalf of Biden – a statement Biden likely wasn’t so much as told about – suggesting that the Biden regime has been “forceful” about their opposition to any violence, threats, or attempts to intimidate justices, which is a blatant lie.

The Biden administration explicitly encouraged intimidation techniques as protesters surrounded the homes of justices.

“President Biden condemns the actions of this individual in the strongest terms, and is grateful to law enforcement for quickly taking him into custody,” said Bates. “As the President has consistently made clear, public officials – including judges – must be able to do their jobs without concern for their personal safety or that of their families. And any violence, threats of violence, or attempts to intimidate justices have no place in our society. He has said that himself, and his spokespeople have been forceful about this from the podium.”

The silence from the hypocritical Left says it all. They condemn violence so long as it’s directed at one of their own. Imagine the outrage that would erupt if the target of this assassination attempt was a Left-wing political figure.

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