Exactly one year ago today on arrogant Hillary Clinton’s birthday, she was so sure she’d win the presidency, that Hillary actually tweeted a birthday message calling herself the “future president.”

LOL! What a difference one year makes. Not only is Hillary nowhere near the Oval Office, but she’s traveling around the world, on an embarrassing “blame everyone but me book tour”.  Ironically, the name of the book that Hillary’s pushing is “What Happened”. Well, unfortunately for Hillary, when it comes to Russian collusion, the world is about to find out “what happened” and Hillary’s gonna wish she still some friends in government who could protect her.  Hopefully, this time next year, Hillary will be celebrating her birthday in a federal penitentiary, while wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Twitter users destroyed the arrogant Hillary and her “future president” birthday message to herself.  Here are some of the hilarious responses to her tweet from exactly one year ago:

Here’s a hilarious video featuring a surprise guest to help Hillary celebrate her birthday:

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Donald Trump Jr. (whose tweets are usually hilarious) had this to say about Hillary’s birthday message: “A year later the arrogance and entitlement in this tweet is exactly why it was never going to happen. #maga”

Former presidential deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka nailed it with this “uranium” cake birthday message to Hillary. LOL!

Since she was old enough to dream of the day she’d hold the ultimate office of President of the United States, Hillary’s been involved in some sort of shady dealing or criminal activity. That’s what makes this tweet so hilarious. If there’s a crime that’s been committed in Washington DC, Hillary’s fingerprints are probably on it somewhere.


Stacey Stiles, like most of America, is just waiting patiently for the day when Hillary is permanently behind iron bars:


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