Two wannabe terrorists who were scouting “sensitive sights” have been arrested BUT how many more are out there doing the same thing? Doesn’t it make you want to bring thousands of Muslim men like this to America? There is NO WAY TO CORRECTLY SCREEN these people! We have no idea who they are but we have a president hell bent on bringing thousands and thousands of Muslims over to America.

Note that these guys were into trafficking:Investigators also uncovered details of trafficking prices and routes of migrants into Italy, but also through Hungary or Calais.


Two Afghan men have been arrested on suspicion of plotting deadly ISIS terror attacks in London’s Canary Wharf and at various hotels in the capital.

Italian cops arrested Hakim Nasri, 23, and Gulistan Ahmadzai, 29, in the southern Italian city of Bari after allegedly finding incriminating evidence on Nasri’s mobile phone.

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The suspicious information was only recovered when the pair were held by police who wanted to question them after they were spotted filming inside a Bari shopping mall along with a third Afghan and a Pakistani man.

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The investigation began in December after the four were spotted taking videos inside a shopping centre in Bari in southern Italy, and a police search of their phones uncovered other images of the city’s airport and port, as well as sites in Rome, Paris and London.

“It was clear these were not tourist images. They appear to have been scouting sensitive sites,” prosecutor Roberto Rossi said at a press conference in Bari.

Among the “sensitive sites” in London were a footbridge in Canary Wharf, close to the famous 1 Canada Square building, the Sunborn Yacht hotel in Royal Victoria Dock, the Premier Inn at International Square and the Ibis hotel near the Excel Centre, Italy’s Corriere della Sera reported.
The phones also contained images of Italian and Afghan military vehicles and weapons, as well as Taliban propaganda videos and “a series of chants traditionally sung in preparation for martyrdom”, he said.

One of the defendants was also seen in a photograph posing with an MS16 semi automatic rifle, which Rossi said was “not an easy weapon to find on the market”.



He also had links on his smartphone to websites “only accessible to those with connections to the international jihadist network”.

The suspects had been taking expensive trips around Europe, which they had paid for in cash, Rossi said.

Investigators also uncovered details of trafficking prices and routes of migrants into Italy, but also through Hungary or Calais.

Via: The Sun

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