Lebron James made a fool of himself last week when he weighed in on a controversy involving Houston Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey, who tweeted his support for the Hong Kong protesters. Houston Rockets owner, Tilman Fertitta admonished his GM for daring to take the side of the protesters over the Communist Chinese government.

NBA Laker superstar, Lebron James weighed in on the Hong Kong-China controversy, saying it’s better to just shut up and keep your head down than risk offending the rulers of China.

James told reporters, “So many people could have been harmed, not only physically or financially, but emotionally and spiritually. Incredibly, the NBA star who clearly has no respect for the freedom of speech we’re afforded in America, added, “Just be careful what we tweet, what we say and what we do. We do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative things that come with that too.”

Tonight, the NBA star really outdid himself, as he proved once again how little respect he has for America.

The National Anthem was being performed at the start of the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Los Angeles Clippers, when the superstar NBA player walked out of the line where the players were standing, stomped his feet, as he interrupted the national anthem, yelling at the crowd, “Let’s go!”

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Watch NBA player Lebron James, who regularly trashes President Trump, disrespect our national anthem.


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What do you think about Lebron’s behavior? Do you think he was being disrespectful by interrupting our national anthem to yell at the fans? Tell us what you think about his stunt in the comment section below.

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