On March 6, newly-minted Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Dr. Ben Carson, gave a speech before employees of the organization. During the speech, he made a controversial remark, referring to African slaves as “immigrants.”

Here are a few of the vile tweets celebrities posted for everyone to seen Twitter:

Actor, radical leftist and Obama cheerleader Samuel L. Jackson apparently had not yet gotten the memo that Obama said almost the exact same thing only one year ago. There’s always the very real possibility that Jackson was just too ignorant to understand what Dr. Carson was saying…

samuel l jacskon

Here’s Jackson’s vile tweet:

There’s nothing like a “has been” rapper calling the most brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon in America a “DumbF*ck”…LOL!  

ice T

Christopher Jackson played George Washington in Hamilton. Being an actor in Hamilton apparently makes him the authority on all things “black,” including the meaning behind the comments made by Dr. Ben Carson.  

Jackson has this tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter account. Apparently telling other people to “love your neighbor” makes you somehow a better person. And it also apparently gives you immunity when you act like a bully when you tell others to, “Stand up to the bully.”  

These people are such utter phonies and have no idea what it means to be tolerant of anyone who hold a view that is in opposition to theirs.

On Tuesday, The Washington Free Beacon published a side-by-side video featuring Ben Carson’s remarks alongside those made during a 2015 speech by then-President Barack Obama–and they were eerily similar:


Daily Wire

Instead of apologizing for his ignorant remarks, ICE T makes lame attempt at blaming Trump for his hateful and racist remarks:

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