Louisiana Court of Appeals reinstate lawsuit against a Zuckerberg-Funded nonprofit after he used it to flood Democrat districts with money to influence 2020 election

During the 2020 elections, Zuckerberg gave some $400 million to the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL,) a Chicago based private company which used the money to boost Democrat voter turnout in Louisiana.

The state Attorney General, Jeff Landry, filed a suit which would have blocked private external funding, including from corrupt leftists like Zuckerberg and the CTCL, however it was initially dismissed. On March 30th, the Louisiana Court of Appeals reinstated the suit, stating that its dismissal was “legally incorrect.”

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry

From The Epoch Times:

The lawsuit revived by the state appellate court is State of Louisiana v. Center for Tech and Civic Life, which was launched Oct. 2, 2020, a month before the most recent presidential election.

During the 2020 election cycle, billionaire Facebook founder Zuckerberg, along with his wife, Priscilla Chan, supporters of President Joe Biden and Democratic Party candidates, gave around $400 million to the CTCL.

The CTCL in turn then distributed the money in the form of grants to jurisdictions across the United States purportedly to help those governments hire more staff, buy mail-in ballot processing machinery, and pursue other measures they considered necessary to administer the elections during the ongoing pandemic. Critics nationwide complained that CTCL’s grants favored Democrats.

Although Landry filed suit in order to prevent the flooding of private money into Louisiana elections, however he had an uphill battle. Governor John Bel Edwards (D) had vetoed legislation banning private financing in elections, and a crooked leftist district judge threw out Landry’s suit.

On March 30th, however, the Appellate Court reinstated the suit and stated that the legal ruling used for dismissal was “legally incorrect,” and that Landry’s trial argument “has stated a cause of action to protect an interest of the state by preventing the funding of elections with private money.”

State AG Jeff Landry made the following statement about the court victory:

“Our law is clear: No individual, including Mark Zuckerberg, should supersede the people’s elected representatives,” Landry said in a statement “Our elections should never be for sale; private money should not fund our elections.”

Democrats have a history of being arbitrary with interfering in elections–when it benefits them, as in the case of $400 million going to a Democrat favored nonprofit and $8 million to influencing voter turnout in Democrat-heavy districts in Louisiana, it’s perfectly fine. However, when you stop people from influencing votes directly at polling stations, it’s a threat to democracy according to them.

In the case of Louisiana, voter turnout was obviously influenced by the private funds stemming from Zuckerberg. That corrupt Democrats have tried so hard to bury the suit, and failed, is a victory for us.


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