Apparently being the daughter of the most corrupt political couple in America comes with some pretty significant financial benefits…

Politico reported last year:

When Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees proved too steep for one public university last year, school officials reached for a less expensive alternative: her daughter, Chelsea.

chelsea bill hillary

According to a report from The Washington Post, representatives from the former secretary of state’s office gave officials at the University of Missouri-Kansas City a $275,000 quote for a one-time speaking fee.

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“Yikes!” one official emailed another, according to the report. Rather than paying that much, UMKC opted to pay Chelsea $65,000 for a brief appearance in February 2014. The former first daughter spoke for 10 minutes before participating in a 20-minute Q&A session and posing for pictures.


For a sample of what that $65,000 might have bought the university, check out the clip above of Chelsea recently on the campaign trail bashing Trump.

At one minute, the former first brat thinks this is worth $6500 of a public’s schools money.

What’s that about wage equality, Clinton spawn? –Politico

h/t DownTrend

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