Smuggling is big business, and sometimes Americans try to do it for the big money it brings in. The cases below are of Americans who got caught trying to smuggle in Chinese illegals. The bigger question is, how many DIDN’T get caught?

The Marine accused of trying to smuggle two Chinese women into the U.S. from Mexico has been identified.

PFC Bryan Newell Jr. told border patrol agents at the checkpoint near San Diego that he was “partying at the strip clubs.” His mistake was that he said he crosses over all the time to “party.” The agents were able to check to see if this was true and found he was lying. A secondary inspection revealed that he had two Chinese women in the trunk of his car. According to NBC San Diego, Newell was to earn almost $30k for getting the two women into America.

The Flint, Michigan native joined the Marines last year and is assigned to Headquarters Battalion of the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, in California.

Newell is awaiting arraignment in a federal court.

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This isn’t the first case of Marines trying to sneak people illegally into the country:

In July, Fox News reported that Border Patrol agents arrested two Marines caught with three undocumented immigrants in their car. An investigation led authorities to arrest 16 Marines en masse at a battalion formation.

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There was also a case from a few days ago where 11 illegal Chinese were found inside furniture and home appliances on a moving truck at the US/Mexico border. The man driving the truck is a 42-year-old American citizen.

They were found inside furniture:

According to KCRA, last month Customs and Border Patrol officers at the same port of entry found six Chinese nationals concealed behind a false wall in another moving truck.

This is big business. What would you think is a good solution for this type of smuggling?

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