This is a video of a Republican finally pushing back on Democrats. It’s priceless because MTG is fighting for the unborn. She’s fearless and doesn’t care that Dingell is from a Michigan political dynasty. Debbie Dingell ran for her deceased husband’s position after he was in office for decades.

Marjorie Taylor Green (MTG) and Rep Deb Dingell just got into a screaming match on the steps of the Capitol after MTG heckled Democrats holding a press conference after passing legislation responding to the Texas abortion law. The Democrats had just passed the ‘Women’s Health Protection Act.’  Michigan Rep. Lisa McCain released a statement saying:

I am horrified with the current state of our country. Today, the Democrats passed a bill wrongly titled the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” which should be called the Abortion on Demand bill.

According to the Center for Reproductive Rights:

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MTG shouted at Dingell about passing the abortion bill triggering a meltdown. Democrats like Dingell aren’t used to push back.

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Dingell was yelling that MTG is not a Christian:



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