Mark Levin was on fire when he explained what’s really going on with the hoax against President Trump:

Levin says there is no legal reason to protect the anonymity of the “political hack” whistleblower and the law is on the president’s side:

“The law is on the president’s side, the facts are on the president’s side.”

Levin hits the nail on the head with his next assertion that this is about the transition of power:

“What they’re attacking is the transition of power. They have never supported the transition of power from the Obama administration to a Trump administration.”

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Levin directs his attention to the “slow learners” like Joe Scarborough:

“The president sets foreign policy. It doesn’t make a damn’s worth of difference if you don’t agree with it. I don’t care what a former Obama ambassador Ukraine thinks.”

“The whole house of cards will collapse and the American people will see this was an outrageous, unconscionable attack by them on the president.”

He encouraged the president to keep fighting against the impeachment:

“Mr. President… stay strong…this’ll collapse, eventually.”





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