Target, which sells chest binders and “tuck-friendly” swimsuits to children, has refused to carry Mark Levin’s new book, The Democrat Party Hates America, because it could offend Democrats.

On Wednesday, Levin tweeted that Target, who had a satan worshipper design their Pride month collection, would not be selling his new book in their stores because its title could be “offensive” to some people.

“Target has informed my publisher, Simon & Schuster, that it will not carry my new book when it is released on September 19,” Levin wrote. “It claims that certain customers might be offended by the titles. Imagine that!”

“So, the corporatist leftwing censorship begins,” he continued. “I will discuss this in more detail on this evening’s radio show.”

Levin encouraged his followers to pre-order his new book on Amazon.

In another tweet, Levin thanked Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Books-a-Million for agreeing to carry his book.


Meanwhile, hypocritical Target has permitted – and heavily promoted – the sale of items that push the transgender agenda on children.

Setting up major displays in their stores to celebrate Pride month, Target carried LGBTQ merchandise that included tuck-friendly swimwear and chest binders for young customers.

Worse yet, they carried a line of products for Pride month that were designed by Abprallen, a satan worshipper whose satanic themes are represented in the merchandise he sells. However, Target didn’t care if Catholics were offended.

After suffering major losses in market value from Conservative boycotts, Target continues to only allow Left-wing-aligned products in its stores.

Many Twitter users pointed out the double standards and hypocrisy of the woke retailer.

One commenter wrote, “So it’s ok for corporate America to censor books available for sale to adults based on their politics but it’s not ok to remove sexually explicit books from school libraries… nope, no hypocrisy or double standard… nothing to see here.”

Former US National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn tweeted, “This is simply another form of censorship. #WeThePeople are going to stand our ground and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!”

“Not to worry,” wrote Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). “[Target] has built up so much goodwill with conservatives that I’m sure they won’t mind.”

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