Mark Levin spoke out last night during Sean Hannity’s show directing his comments to Rep. Adam Schiff: “You’ve just awakened a sleeping giant.”

“After we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto of Japan said, ‘I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve’.”

“You know, Adam Schiff, you are in some ways Admiral Yamamoto: You just awakened a sleeping giant. You threw everything you had at the president, at the Republicans, at 63 million voters who voted for this president.”

“This is the best you have? You have nothing…You are the Democratic Party’s Yamamoto.”

Levin said there is “no smoking gun” after all of the impeachment hearings with Schiff controlling everything…and the polls are going up for President Trump!

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“This was the weakest conga line of hand-picked witnesses I’ve ever seen in any hearing at any time. There’s no smoking gun.”

He ramps it up and calls out Schiff over and over but he also goes after Fiona Hill for not supporting aid for Ukraine during the Obama years but then claiming Trump wasn’t helping Ukraine:

“It was Trump who got the Ukrainians the weapons that they needed. It was Trump who stopped the Russians. It was Trump who put the most severe sanctions in modern history on the Russians. It was Obama who appeased the Russians. It was Obama under whose presidency the Russians invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.”

This is worth every second!

FYI: President Trump tweeted out the video:


Levin goes after the spineless Republicans and the handful of Republicans in the Senate.

Is Levin spot on in his comments?


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