NORWEGIAN ARMY CHIEF: “We Must Prepare To Fight”

SWISS ARMY CHIEF: Europe “On Verge Of Civil War”

We must prepare to fight, says Norway’s new army chief and echoes the Swiss army chief who recently came with a similar statement:

Society in western Europe is on the verge of breaking down amid chaotic violence caused by economic dislocation, mass immigration and terrorism. This is not the view of some ‘crazy survivalist’ but head of the Swiss Armed Forces.

swiss army chief

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Lieutenant-General André Blattmann has issued a warning to the Swiss people that society is dangerously close to collapse and advised those not already armed as part of the Swiss Army reserve to take steps to arm themselves.

Blattmann has been head of the Armed Forces since, 1 March 2009 and his words carry very significant weight in a country in which several Citizens’ Initiative referenda against burqas and mosques have proven enormously popular as concerns grow about immigration and Islamisation.

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Here’s a sample of what Switzerland (named the World’s Cleanest Country by Forbes in 2009) looks like today. Pay particular attention to the trash on the ground. This is just one example of a cultural divide between the Swiss, who pride themselves on being conscientious stewards of the earth, and Muslims from third world nations who appear to have no respect for their host country’s environment.  Of course, this is likely a minor concern compared to Swiss residents who have suffered sexual assault and violence at the hands of the Muslim invaders:

The turmoil has been brought closer, says Norway’s new army chief Odin Johannessen.

He believes European countries can no longer expect to live in peace and security – without defending themselves.

– I think we must be prepared to fight, both with words, actions – and if necessary with weapons – to preserve the country and the values we have in common, said Johannessen in a speech to Oslo Military Society on Monday.

He took over as Army Chief last October and was previously head of operations for the Defence Staff in Oslo.

– The Ukraine crisis and the terror in Paris shows that Europe can no longer expect to live in peace and security, without having to defend its interests and values, said Johannessen, who spent much of his speech to emphasize the importance of well-trained and adequately equipped soldiers.

– , he said.

In his speech he expressed concerns over that the financial allocations are not in style with approved plans.

– I can say now that it is impossible for me to reach the goals set in the current long-term plan. For us on the inside of the military system, it has been obvious for several years already, said Johannessen. Via: Speisa

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