Democrat Maxine Waters continues to go against her own party to push her agenda. She has repeatedly said that  President Trump “will be impeached” and often yells out “Impeach 45!” during her rallies. She’s gone against Nancy Pelosi who feels that pushing impeachment isn’t a winner for the Democrats.

“I believe, of course, that this president can be impeached, will be impeached, and certainly has committed the high crimes and misdemeanors that is identified by the Constitution as such that would qualify him for impeachment.”

Waters appeared on MSNBC as she often does, to discuss impeaching or just destroying President Trump. Her hate for him is palpable. She’s a really nasty woman…don’t the Democrats like to be called “Nasty Women” anyway?

Waters had been like a dog with a bone on the topic of ousting the president. She probably wouldn’t be happy with anyone else in the office except Obama or maybe Hillary…

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“I’ve been talking about impeachment for a long time…My party has not made this their central issue. They have insisted they need to talk about the issues that they believe are central to the concern of the American people…I’ve been saying we can walk and chew gum at the same time. There is no reason why we shouldn’t talk about those issues, but allow the American people to understand that we know something is going on. Don’t forget, this president said he could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot down Fifth Avenue and I guess shoot somebody and still get away with it. So all I’m saying is that I think that we have a responsibility to talk about what is going on, to explain what impeachment is, and to see how the discussion goes.”

We have a theory that Waters is afraid she’ll be exposed for the corruption in her own backyard. We think President Trump should turn the tables on maxine and go all out to expose her.

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