The press has been lying about President Trump since day one but it’s never been more evident than during the 9-day trip the POTUS and FLOTUS just finished.

The press claimed that Melania Trump swatted the president’s hand away during a walk. Not true!

The press decided that the president manhandled a guest at the G7 when he moved forward to take his assigned spot. Not true!

The latest lie is that President Trump chose not to listen and not wear headphones during a speech. Not true!

The big problem with all of this is that the video of Trump watching the speech went viral and the tweet making the false claim was retweeted thousands of times. The retraction was retweeted about 42 times. Fake news and false allegations against our president end up becoming truth to those who read the fake news put out by the main stream media. In fact, the BBC reporter who put out the video and tweet STILL has the lie up on his twitter page!

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Here it is below:

Frank Luntz tweeted out just how important it is when the press lies – it becomes truth:

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