Trump supporters and Proud Boys held a rally in Louisville, Kentucky today to show their support for President Trump.

White Nationalists tried to crash the rally.

Trump supporters and the Proud Boys made it clear they wanted nothing to do with them and kicked them the heck out of their rally, shouting to the police, “If you don’t get them outta here, we will!” and to the protesters, they shouted, “No racism here!”


Here’s a second video showing the Trump supporters kicking the White Nationalists out of their space. You can hear the Trump supporters saying, “Go” and “You gotta go” and “We’re not gonna be associated with you” and  finally, “You’re all racists!”:

Here’s how Trump supporters responded to the White Nationalists being kicked out of their space:

Matt Carrier tweeted: “It’s important we stick by our moral code we as Trump supporters do not support KKK or racist of any kind color or creed we are Americans who want freedom An the right to disagree and agree with out retribution. With that Racism is not our goal or belief MAGA is are goal an

Many people believe the White Nationalists were sent there for photo ops with the Trump supporters, as a way to falsely tie the White Nationalists to President Trump and his supporters.

Ilemobade Oyedun‏ tweeted: 

Mr. Kleptonic tweeted:

“I love this. unity not divide no racism and bigotry!”

Kristy tweeted:

“Saw the same thing in Tulsa at an early Trump rally. That’s not who we are, not having it. All love.”❤️????????

Of course, kool-aid drinkers on the left who believe everything they see on CNN and everything they hear from race-baiting politicians like Maxine Waters were admittedly stunned to see Trump supporters openly reject the nasty White Nationalists.

Nigel Burton tweeted:

“Not gonna lie. I’m stunned.”

h/t Gateway Pundit


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