In the most recent case of tone-deaf executives desperately trying to pander to the lowest common denominator:

Dove has hired Zyahna Bryant to promote ‘fat liberation.’

Who is Zyahna Bryant, you might ask?

She is a BLM, anti-white racist who famously got a student expelled from college after mishearing a comment they spoke.

Now that the news has broken of Dove’s new ‘Fat Acceptance Ambassador,’ #boycottdove is trending on Twitter.

More from the New York Post:

Beauty giant Dove is facing a Bud Light-style boycott for partnering with controversial Black Lives Matter activist Zyanha Bryant, who was previously accused of getting a white student expelled over “misheard” comments.

Some once-loyal customers even posted pictures of bars of soap in the trash after Bryant, 22, announced she was a “Dove ambassador” helping to promote “fat liberation.”

“After hearing that Dove Beauty chose Zyanha Bryant — who ruined Morgan Bettinger’s life — for their ‘fat acceptance ambassador,’ THIS lifelong large lady and now former Dove customer tossed out the last three bars of Dove products she will EVER buy,” one, Carole Thorpe, tweeted Thursday night along with a shot of the bars in her trash.

Even Elon Musk weighed in as outrage spread across his social media platform X, the new name for Twitter.

“Messed up,” he wrote alongside a clip of the BLM activist’s

Here are some of the things people have been saying on Twitter:

The Daily Mail has more on the story:

‘Guess I’ve bought my last bar of Dove soap,’ said another.


Another added: ‘I’ve stopped buying their products. Never again!’

Using the hashtag ‘Boycott Dove’, another said: ‘I’ll have to toss my Dove products and never buy them again!’

Bryant last week posted on Instagram a video declaring she was a Dove ambassador, and discussing ‘fat liberation’ – a campaign to end the stigma of being overweight.

‘#DovePartner Fat liberation is something we should all be talking about!’ wrote Bryant.

‘That’s why I am partnering with Dove, to support the work of @naafaofficial, @flareforjustice in the Campaign for Size Freedom.

‘Tell us what Fat Liberation means to you using the hashtag #sizefreedom and tagging @dove to share your story.’

In an accompanying clip Bryant, who is proudly plus-size herself, said: ‘My belief is that we should be centering the voices and experiences of the most marginalized people and communities at all times.

Where is the breaking point?

When will companies realize that promoting disgusting ideologies will NEVER benefit them?

It’s such a bizarre world to be living in where companies have ‘Fat Acceptance Ambassadors.’

Trying to make it seem like being morbidly obese is okay for some reason.

News flash! It’s NOT okay.

Even ignoring the appearance side of things, being obese leads to a litany of health risks.

Welcome to the clown world, people.

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