WAKE UP AMERICA! Are Mosques going up all across America without approval from the community? Are our local governments selling us out? It would seem like it because we’re hearing of numerous efforts to purchase land and build mosques in several cities. Madison Heights and Farmington, Michigan are two such places. Pontiac, Michigan is another site where a Muslim group purchased a shuttered school and purchased numerous houses for a “special” price of $250. The poor black communities are targeted and taken advantage of. The people know nothing and are suddenly flooded with Muslims and Mosques. If something doesn’t smell right, it probably isn’t right. Watch for this and push back on it because we’ve gone from a few mosques a decade ago to over 200 today. 

JUST MORE than a mile north of Temple University, a 21,000-square-foot mosque is rising next to a struggling neighborhood in North Philadelphia.

The 56-foot-tall structure stands on a former factory lot, next to Amtrak’s main line that rolls through the neighborhood.

The mosque, on West Glenwood Avenue near 13th Street, will serve Philadelphia’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and its growing membership, said Bilal Salaam, its imam. It was designed by Olaya Studio, and was based on the White Minaret, an iconic symbol that represents the Ahmadiyya community in Qadian, India.

Ahmadiyya, one of the world’s largest organized Muslim communities in more than 200 countries, worships in Philadelphia at 5210 N. 10th St. The new structure on Glenwood Avenue will be the city’s largest mosque.

Salaam said the mosque is projected to open in September, and will serve 800 to 1,000 people.

But many community members nearby said they were unaware that any structure was being built until construction began.

“They should have talked to us,” said Bernice Rustin, 83, who lives on the 2900 block of Park Avenue. “I’ve lived here for 50 years, and they should have talked to the black community before doing this.”

“They never came around and asked anybody,” added Vanessa McCullough, 53, a resident of the 2900 block of 13th Street. “With the trash, traffic, parking and stuff, it’s going to be so congested.”

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