President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise trip to Iraq to visit the troops after Christmas. The troops were thrilled to see them and very supportive of the president.

As soon as the photos of the visit hit social media, the left started to pick apart everything Melania wore to the event.

Twitter was on fire with comments about the mustard-colored top worn by the first lady.  It’s funny, Michelle Obama wears a yellow Big Bird dress and is celebrated for it but Melania can’t wear a tailored yellow jacket without getting slammed for it. The double standard is ridiculous.

Even worse is the hate Melania got for wearing Timberland boots to the event.

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Twitter users were brutal in their criticisms of the first lady’s boots.

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On the other hand, Michelle Obama was celebrated for her glittery thigh-high $4,000 Balenciaga boots.

Yellow dress on the left or Yellow dress on the right? Hmmm

Would you rather have a first lady who wears $200 Timberland boots or thigh high glittery overpriced designer boots?

We think we know the answer most Americans would give.

HAPPY NEW YEAR nails it:

She’s beautiful!

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