Melania Trump loves children and respects and admires members of the military.

She makes it hard for even a liberal to argue that point…

Before Melania departed for her trip to Europe with President Trump, she spent time with members of our military at the Walter Reed Hospital:

Here are a few close-up shots of Melania’s visit with patients at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital:

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There were some pretty big smiles in this special photo.

In her tweet, Melania thanked “the many dedicated service members and medical staff who take such good care of our men and women in uniform” at the Walter Reed Hospital.

Melania stole hearts in the UK, when she took a moment to acknowledge and elderly British veteran and was caught “hi-fiving” him during her trip to London.

Melania Trump, like her husband President Donald J. Trump, has the ability to genuinely connect with everyday people. Nothing lights up her face more, however than when she’s in the presence of children. Melania makes it a point at almost every stop on her overseas visits with her husband, to visit with children in a local hospital.

Philip May, husband of Prime Minister Theresa May hosted Melania’s visit at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Melania visited George’s Primary School during her visit to the UK, to discuss her recently launched “Be Best” program with the children.

Melania can be seen “lawn bowling” with the kids at St. George’s Primary School here:

Melania took time to thank the Royal Hospital Chelsea for the warm reception she received. She also thanked the Wren Chapel and Great Hall for their hospitality, and for allowing her to meet their “lovely pensioners”.

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