At least 49 people are dead after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City.  Buildings were seen shaking and even collapsing, sending people fleeing in several directions in the streets.

The video below captures residents who appear to be in shock over the devastation caused by the earthquake when suddenly, the building behind them begins to shake and then collapses to the pavement below, narrowly missing the pedestrians onto the street. 

Windows were “cracking like candy” as the earthquake shook this tall building. People can be seen below trying to decide if they should run or stay put from under the shaking building.

Watch as the tall red building begins to shake and then collapses:

This video captures the awesome power of an earthquake of a 7.1 magnitude, as this large office building is seen literally shaking from side to side. 

Tourists who were quite a distance from Mexico City can be seen on a variety of boats rocking in waves caused by the earthquake on a small river. 

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