In 2016, Trump shocked the nation when he won the formerly blue state of Michigan. In 2020, the country was shocked again after believing Trump handily won the state where he was even more popular with blue-collar voters that used to vote for Democrats. When Michigan residents woke up, they discovered a massive dump of absentee votes were counted in the wee hours of the morning, giving Biden an alleged victory by 150K votes.

Almost immediately, Michigan residents cried foul over the results. Over 200 GOP poll challengers signed affidavits with hair-raising accounts of voter fraud, irregularities, and election worker misconduct. In the solid red Antrim County, MI, residents demanded answers when election results showed Biden won the county. Shortly after residents began to question the results of the election, it was discovered that over 6,000 votes had been switched from Trump to Biden.

Hundreds of Michigan residents delivered over 7,500 affidavits to MI lawmakers, demanding a forensic audit. After six months of shouting from the rooftops, MI Rep. Steve Carra (R) called for a forensic audit. Rep. Matt Maddock (R) and Rep. Daire Rendon (R) joined with Carra but were ignored by the leadership. Republican lawmakers in Michigan have a majority in both the H0use and Senate, they also have a majority when it comes to cowards who occupy those seats. With a tyrannical governor whose popularity continues to plummet, an unethical secretary of state, and a lawless attorney general, all of whom are Democrats, frustration with feckless Republican leaders like House Majority Leader Jason Wentworth and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey is beginning to boil over.

Senator Mike Shirkey (R-INO)

A large majority of Republicans believe the election was stolen in Michigan, yet the majority of Republican lawmakers are ignoring their request for a forensic audit.

Despite the rain and high winds, Michigan residents turned out to a high-dollar fundraiser hosted by Senator Mike Shirkey at a popular Macomb County, MI restaurant.

When donors began leaving the venue, protesters moved to the parking lot where they called out RINO Mike Shirkey for “Shirking” his duties, and refusing to call for a forensic audit.

“He’s a traitor! He hates America,” a woman with a bullhorn shouted, as others shouted, “No audit, no peace!” Another woman shouted, “What do we want?” as the crowd responded, “An audit!” “When do we want it?” she asked. “NOW!” the protesters shouted back.

An unidentified man who claimed to be with Republican and former Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s gubernatorial campaign approached the crowd of protesters. When he tried to smooth things over with them, they were not interested. Republicans are all done playing nice with elected leaders who refuse to represent them.

What do you think? Do these lawmakers who refuse to call for a forensic audit when the majority of their constituents are demanding one deserve to be called out wherever they go?

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