Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is being blasted on social media after her announcement yesterday of even more draconian measures she’s imposing on Michigan citizens, over fears of the Wuhan coronavirus spread in Michigan.

#ImpeachWhitmer is trending at the number one spot on Twitter—and anyone living in the state of MI is not surprised.

I spoke with a friend the other day who told me about a police helicopter that was seen hovering over the private Red Run Golf Club in Royal Oak, MI, earlier this week. According to our source, the police were looking for members of the private club who dared to take advantage of the warm weather and get a round of golf in at the private course.

Thanks to the draconian measures of our inept governor, golfing and attending church in Michigan is currently against the law. But having an abortion or buying marijuana from a local dispensary, is not.

Governor Whitmer’s iron-fisted enforcements on MI citizens is attracting national attention.

Fox News political pundit Dan Bongino tweeted about the Democrat Governor of Michigan, saying she’s a “walking, talking example of everything Lord Acton warned us about. She’s a threat to civil liberties and a disaster for her state.”

Laren Laniado tweeted about how she can’t get new glasses (his current ones are broken). She also claims she needs a root canal and can’t see a dentist until May, but according to Governor Whitmer’s new order, she can get an abortion!
Bruce David, who refers to Governor Whitmer as “Whitless,” also blasts her for the broken unemployment website.

“Whatevs II” shared incredible images of seeds MI citizens are usually planting in their yards this time of year, that have been roped off with caution tape in the stores with a warning from the Michigan governor.

Tori Sachs tweeted an image of an order by Governor Whitmer prohibiting citizens from purchasing infant car seats.

One Twitter user replied: Ahhh I see what they’re doing. If you can’t buy a baby seat, you can’t legally drive anywhere. Nor can you bring them into a store. It’s control. All about control. This should scare EVERY American across the aisle.

This video, taken inside of a big box store illustrates the insanity of Whitmer’s order:


I have a daughter who has been laid off from her job who tried to apply for unemployment, only to be told she doesn’t qualify and was given no further information. Several days after she was flat out rejected by the MI unemployment website for no logical reason, she got an email from the State of MI telling her to apply for unemployment through the federal government.

Michigan resident Meshawn Maddock, who is also part of the National Women For Trump organization just shared this powerful video on our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page, explaining how Whitmer’s orders are affecting Michiganders:


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