With all of the young people out there playing victim, it’s great to hear someone who knows what’s at the heart of the all of this.

Heather MacDonald, a Manhattan Institute scholar, appeared on Tucker Carlson to discuss the evil culture on college campuses. New York Times Editor Sarah Jeong  is a perfect example of what the “hate machines” called colleges are producing.

MacDonald discusses how the students are bombarded with messages that teach them to feel like victims of racism and sexism. They’re taught to feel quilt over their “whiteness”. Campuses across the country grab the children and fill them with cultural Marxist ideology so that by Thanksgiving you’re wondering who this child is sitting across from you.

Mac Donald addressed this issue more extensively in a recent column for National Review:

Sarah Jeong Is a Boring, Typical Product of the American Academy

The most significant feature of Sarah Jeong, the New York Times’ embattled new editorial board member, is not that she is a “racist,” as her critics put it. It is that she is an entirely typical product of the contemporary academy…

The key features of Jeong’s worldview are an obsession with whiteness and its alleged sins; a commitment to the claim that we live in a rape culture; and a sneering contempt for objectivity and truth-seeking. These are central tenets of academic victimology. From the moment freshmen arrive on a college campus, they are inundated by the message that they are either the bearers of white privilege or its victims. College presidents and the metastasizing diversity bureaucracy teach students to see racism where none exists, preposterously accusing their own institutions of systemic bias. “Bias response teams,” confidential “discrimination hotlines,” and implicit-bias training for faculty and staff roll forth from university coffers in wild abandon.

UC Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion until recently hung banners throughout campus reminding students of their place in the ruthlessly competitive hierarchy of victimhood. One particularly lachrymose entry, featuring a female black and a Hispanic male student, urged the presumably “non-diverse” sector of Berkeley to “create an environment where people other than yourself can exist.” This year’s White Privilege Conference, a nationwide academic gathering, featured panels on “Breaking the Chains of Capitalism and White Supremacy,” the “Whiteness of Law,” and “How Whiteness Kills.”



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