On Election Day, Michigan voters approved the controversial Proposal 3, which makes abortion a constitutional right. On Monday, Cannon Township passed a resolution that expresses “official disagreement” with Proposal 3, warning that the amendment will make it “virtually impossible” to enforce or enact laws against pedophilia if the child says they gave consent.

The passing of Proposal 3 means that Michigan will allow abortions through all nine months of pregnancy. It will allow anyone, with or without medical training, to “assist” in an abortion. The proposal could also repeal parental consent laws for children who are seeking abortions, and includes a “right to sterilization” for anyone, regardless of age.

Critics of this proposal, including the seven Catholic bishops of Michigan, warned against the confusing and unclear language used in the amendment and argued that it would invalidate numerous laws if passed.

Now that it has been voted on, Cannon Township has expressed “official disagreement” with parts of the proposal, particularly those that could invalidate the age of consent laws.

Board members, concerned about Prop 3’s impact on prosecuting child sex crimes, voted unanimously on a resolution to the amendment that would “support law enforcement and protect the health, safety and welfare of Cannon Township children.”

The resolution expressed concern over the “numerous existing laws protecting children” that stand to be invalidated by the confusing and broad use of the term “reproductive freedom” in Prop 3.

In the resolution, the Township Board said, “[I]t is the viewpoint of these experienced prosecutors that Proposal 3 makes it virtually impossible to enforce or enact a statute prohibiting certain sexual activity, including pedophilia, as long as the child ‘consents’ or is pressured into saying they gave their consent.”

Steve Grimm, the supervisor for Cannon Township, spoke on this proposed resolution, saying, “We cannot invalidate Proposal 3. We would not try to. Our problem is that we take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and Michigan. We will support and enforce this law in Cannon Township because we have to. That does not mean though, that we won’t find ways within the law to protect our children and vulnerable adults.”

“Our goal is to not only voice support for law enforcement, but it’s also to get the information out there beyond Cannon Township, so that all other communities, if they want to follow this lead, can get the information out that this is a very serious potential confusion in this law that it seems to me needs to be addressed sooner rather than later,” said Grimm.

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