Richmond, Virginia was the sight tonight of a well-deserved protest against anti-gun presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was speaking when one protester yelled, “You’re f**king fascist! … You’re a racist!”

The pro-Bloomberg crowd shouted: “We like Mike.”

A few of the protesters were wearing “guns save lives” stickers and began chanting “guns save lives” but security pushed them away from the pro-Bloomberg crowd.

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Bloomberg has been involved in Virginia politics with his effort to turn Virginia blue and pass gun control legislation.

“I’ve been to Virginia more than anywhere else … I have been involved in Virginia politics since long before I became a presidential candidate.”

Bloomberg boasted to the crowd about how the Democrats took control of both chambers of the Virginia state house.

What’s happening in Virginia is frightening. The state has turned blue in such a short time. The state legislature has also passed gun control laws unheard of anywhere in the US. It says so much about how extreme Bloomberg is when he brags about being involved in changing a state that isn’t even his state.

Now Bloomberg is trying to buy his way into the presidency. He’s a nanny state liberal who thinks he knows what’s best for Americans. It’s frightening to think he could be president.



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