Michigan Democrat Karen Whitsett will not be silenced, and that’s a good thing! The State Rep. from Michigan’s 13th District has been speaking out to support President Trump after she credited him with her recovery from the coronavirus.

After Rep. Whitsett spoke out to support the president and even visited the White House, the local Democrats are recommending that she be disciplined (see below).

Whitsett joined Tucker Carlson on Friday night to speak out about being treated terribly for supporting President Trump. She also spoke about how the president wants to help the people of Detroit. Whitsett’s last comments were about Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s messages to her after the State Rep. showed support for President Trump. She said Gov. Whitmer sent her unpleasant texts.

“The president wants to work with us.”

Whitsett is to be commended for her willingness to support President Trump even though she’s being harassed by Democrats, including her own governor.


It’s hard to believe that the Detroit Democrats plan to vote to “censure and bar any future endorsements of a Democratic lawmaker who credited President Donald Trump with advocating for the drug that she said cured her of COVID-19.”

The Detroit News is reporting that Democrats claim State Rep. Karen Whitsett broke protocol by meeting with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in mid-April to credit hydroxychloroquine for saving her life.

“Thank you for everything that you have done. I did not know that saying thank you had a political line. I’m telling my story and my truth, and this how I feel, and these are my words.”

Rep. Whitsett tweeted to President Trump about the formal resolution to censure:

Rep. Whitsett spoke with Tucker Carlson about her recovery:

The first-term lawmaker representing the 9th Michigan House District is to be recommended for censure on Saturday by the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization. This means she won’t get the group’s endorsement year and can’t participate in the group’s activities.

Whitsett spoke out about the admonishment from Democrats:

“I will continue to fight for the city of Detroit and the people in Detroit who need it the most, and that is the black community. We’re voiceless, and I don’t care who I got to go up against to do that. I’m a Democrat, and I plan on continuing to be a Democrat, but they will change their ways. I have my First Amendment right, and no one will take that away from me.”

Even though the leader of the local Democrats claims the party’s problems with Rep. Whitsett began before her meeting with President Trump, the reasons stated are flimsy and relate to her right to free speech. Apparently, Whitsett spoke out about the “House Democratic leadership and the Democratic legislative caucus at large.”

Our previous report on Rep. Whitsett’s recovery:

Michigan Democrat State Rep. Karen Whitsett’s not the first person in Michigan to credit President Trump and hydroxychloroquine for saving her life, and she won’t likely be the last. She’s an unlikely cheerleader for President Trump, but the former community activist turned Democrat State Representative, is thanking President Trump for his bold support for the drug that saved her.

The Detroit Free Press reports -A Democratic state representative from Detroit is crediting hydroxychloroquine — and Republican President Donald Trump who touted the drug — for saving her in her battle with the coronavirus.

State Rep. Karen Whitsett, who learned Monday she has tested positive for COVID-19, said she started taking hydroxychloroquine on March 31, prescribed by her doctor, after both she and her husband sought treatment for a range of symptoms on March 18.

“It was less than two hours” before she started to feel relief, said Whitsett, who had experienced shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes, and what felt like a sinus infection. She is still experiencing headaches, she said.

Asked whether she thinks Trump may have saved her life, Whitsett said: “Yes, I do,” and “I do thank him for that.”

President Trump retweeted the Detroit Free Press article about Whitsett’s success with hydroxychloroquine, telling her, “Congratulations,” and “So glad you are getting better!”

She also has lost people close to her through COVID-19 — a fellow Detroit lawmaker and a member of the clergy, among others — and said the entire experience has been scary.


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