Ypsilanti, Michigan Mayor Beth Bashert resigned today after saying she would be “crucified” if she voted against any Black person at a city council meeting. She was called racist by the woman who is now taking her place.

Mayor Bashert posted a statement on Facebook to the City of Ypsilanti:

It has been an honor to serve Ypsilanti in the ways I have, including city council member and mayor. I love Ypsilanti. Full Stop.

I am deeply sorry to have my service end on this note and in this way. Sadly, as a result of my actions, there is healing to do to ensure that all residents, including Black, Indigenous, and people of color, enjoy full equity in Ypsilanti. That is what I want for our City. I had hoped to participate in that healing process, going forward.

My family and friends have their own values, actions, and worlds. Please treat them as individuals and do not include them in your responses. This is on me and me alone.

To the many professionals, organizations, regional partners, and skilled community organizers that I worked with during my brief tenure, it was a privilege to work with you, and I hope your work is successful and transformative.

Please accept my resignation as mayor, effective at 9 AM June 23, 2020

It all began on June 16th during a video conference meeting, the city council was voting to reappoint city human relations commissioner Ka’Ron Gaines when the Mayor Bashert said, “Since I will be crucified if I vote against any Black person on any commission, I’m going to vote ‘yes'”

Mayor Pro-Tem Richardson, who is Black, told the mayor that what she said is racist:

“I said at the beginning of the meeting that we have a responsibility to call out racism when we see it, and all of that is a very explicit display of racism.”

Then the steamrolling began until the mayor was ousted.

Mayor Bashert will be replaced by Mayor Pro-Tem Lois Richardson until November. Yes, the mayor is being replaced by the woman who claimed what she said was racist.

There is much more to this power struggle that has gone on for years between the mayor and different people in power. A timeline of the back and forth shows this for what it is: Timeline


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