A Massachusetts couple who signed up with the state to host migrants in their home had a family of four dropped off at their front door within an hour.

Colin and Jessica Stokes, the host family, said “they knew they had the means and wanted to step up,” according to CBS News.

“I have to get sheets on the beds. How many people are coming? Where are they from? What ages. We really knew nothing,” Jessica said.

“The need is so clearly overwhelming,” Colin said.

“The family of four, who didn’t want to go on camera, had been sleeping at Logan Airport. The parents and two kids journeyed from Chile to Texas then Massachusetts. And there are so many stories like it,” the report said.


“It boggles the mind that there are so many hundreds of those stories,” Colin added.


CBS News reports:

It comes as the state’s newest emergency shelter in Roxbury reached its capacity of 400 people in a week. An office building in Boston’s Seaport could be the next site, but there are concerns.

“Having a site with no running water, no showers, to me, would be a non-starter,” said Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn.

The Stokes are getting a closer look at the state’s migrant crisis than they ever imagined.

“It is incredible to observe on the front lines how challenging it is,” Jessica said.

They stress the need to fix it is greater than many of us know.

“Just the disfunction is really disheartening and I know that really well-intentioned people are working as hard as they can, it’s a state of emergency. But it is distressing to see the volume,” Jessica said.

The Stokes said they spoke with WBZ to make the case for families to step up and help. The two kids living with them are still waiting to be placed in schools. The parents say they are both eager to work, but their work authorization forms will likely take months to process.

CBS Boston has the full report:

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey has previously asked residents to house migrant families, declaring a state of emergency.


From Boston 25 News in August 2023:

The state’s shelters are reaching capacity and now the governor is asking residents to help by opening their doors. That was part of Governor Maura Healey’s announcement–as she also is looking for help from the federal government.

The governor said anywhere between 10 to 30 migrant families a day are coming into Massachusetts. There are 40 hotels across the state helping to house them, but the governor is now pleading for help from the federal government—as well as you.

Governor Healey says close to 5,600 families are currently housed in the state’s emergency shelter system. That number is 80% higher than one year ago. Massachusetts is the only state in the country with a right-to-shelter law that guarantees homeless families access to emergency shelters. She says Massachusetts has been spending around $45 million a month to help assist these families. The situation is so bad, the Healey administration is now asking people to open their homes and businesses to help people in need.

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