Mike Lindell has officially announced his candidacy for Republican National Committee Chair.

In making the announcement, Mike said:

“The current RNC leadership has failed for 3 election cycles. The Donors have approached me; they are not going to give anymore to the RNC. When you have 3 F’s in a row, you don’t get elected!… My opponent promised she would look into the 2020 election. She fundraised on that promise. She broke that promise. The RNC did not do anything to fix our elections, and they cherry-picked their candidates and would not back the people’s choice…”

In an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Bannon asked Mike a tough question about his candidacy (transcript below):

“Why would she even run again if she loves this country?”

Mike Lindell joins War Room to discuss his candidacy for RNC Chair and his plans for the GOP if he wins.

Watch the full discussion on War Room with Steve Bannon here:

From the video:

Steve Bannon: “There’s a lot of people in the power structure of Washington that think you’re a disruptor – that you may disrupt or chop block Ronna McDaniel, but you’ve got basically zero chance of being head of the RNC. How do you respond to the power brokers in Washington when they dismiss your candidacy as anything more than a chop block to Ronna McDaniel, sir?”

Mike Lindell: “Well, what do you think they’re going to say? Of course, they’re gonna say that – that’s their propaganda play – what they always do. I’ve been calling all 168. I even talked to Harmeet yesterday, that’s running, and we had a great conversation. But for everyone I’ve talked to, Steve, it’s a very common theme: Ronna has failed. I asked why would she even run again if she loves our country? And the common theme was: ‘Ego, ego, ego, and then money.’ I want everyone to know I’m not going to take a salary – I’m going to put it right back into the RNC because immediately, we’re going to change it into this amazing organization where the donors are gonna have trust again and pour money into it. And we’re gonna put money into the right places.”

You heard it here—Mike will not take the astronomical salary given to the RNC Chair if he’s elected. Sound familiar? President Trump made the same decision to forgo his salary and, instead, donate it to charity. Mike Lindell plans to donate his salary back to the RNC, which he hopes to manage like he’s managed his incredibly successful business, despite the obstacles that have been placed in his way.

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