On January 14, we reported about a phone call Mike Lindell’s My Pillow controller received from Minnesota Bank & Trust Senior VP Thomas Cardle. In the call, Mr. Cardle asked Mike’s controller, to remove all nine of Mike’s bank accounts from their bank before they shut them all down.

The sniveling bank senior vice president explained to Mike Lindell’s controller how banking is a “privilege” and how the bank cannot shut down an account because of the customer’s skin color, but apparently, they can shut down your account over your political views.

Mr. Cardle explained that they don’t have an actual reason for shutting down Mike’s My Store (an Amazon competitor) or his Lindell Recovery Center, a non-profit, Christian-based recovery center for addicts and alcoholics. Mike believes the real reason they want to shut down his nine accounts at the MN Bank & Trust is because of his free speech social media platform “Frank Speech” account.

During their recorded phone call, the MN Bank & Trust’s senior VP explained to Mike that the FBI might come sniffing around and they wouldn’t want that news to get out because it might harm their reputation. The bank’s senior vice president also compared the My Pillow, My Store, and Lindell Recovery Center CEO to a criminal who recently banked with them.

Why are we connected with somebody who could be in the news? And—not that the FBI is even sniffing and looking, but what if somebody came in and said, ‘Ya know what? We are gonna subpoena all of his account records and this and that,’ and then all of a sudden, we make the news. So it’s more of a reputation risk.” 

Here are the contact names and numbers of top executives at Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank & Trust. Below the names of the banking executives is a list of the accounts they are asking Mike to close, or they will be shut down.

Mike Lindell went on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom to explain what happened and how the bank is trying to cancel him just like big box stores canceled him. Bannon calls the practice of threatening you to shut down your account “de-banking.


Mike is getting a ton of support from individuals and groups who believe in him and his passion for keeping America great!

100 Percent Fed Up spoke with Mike exclusively about his response to the Minnesota Bank & Trust President Stephen Bishop.

Mr. Lindell shared a copy of his email to the Minnesota Bank & Trust President Stephen Bishop:


I didn’t hear back … I waited over an hour and a half on 3 different calls to you! Sorry, you are part of cancel culture! I will not be closing any accounts at your bank….!

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

Also, you are quite the coward!

I waited for a call or email follow-up, but it never came today! I realize this is no big deal to you, but to addicts in the recovery network and entrepreneurs in the MyStore and others, this is a tragedy that you would even think of telling us we should shut down our accounts…


Mike Lindell

CEO My Pillow, Inc

Mike told me he would eventually leave Minnesota Bank & Trust, but he will wait until they officially de-bank him first, and when that happens, Mr. Lindell will not walk away quietly. “Any bank that is worried about being in the limelight…well, anyone who does things like this, they’re gonna be in the limelight,” he exclaimed.

Lindell remarked about the backlash the bank likely received from the public over their decision to de-bank him, “The bank is now afraid to cancel me,” he said, adding that he was “very upset” that the bank “compared me to a criminal” in the recorded call, as he attempted to explain why they wanted all nine accounts closed.

The My Pillow CEO, who much of his adult life as an addict, including a crack addict, has an incredible story of redemption after turning his life over to Jesus Christ in February 2017. He hasn’t had a drink, gambled, or touched drugs since then. Mike created his Christian-based Lindell Recovery Center to help addicts fully recover from their addictions. Mike and generous donors to the Lindell Recovery Center provide the financial support necessary for addicts to recover without having to worry about how they will pay for their life-saving treatment.

Mike has an incredible support system that includes strong family ties and close friends; he also has an incredible base of supporters who’ve been standing by him since he was first attacked for invoking the Lord’s name in the Rose Garden during a Trump press conference. I asked Mike how he was holding up under the pressure of massive attacks by the media and if his business was being affected by the latest news? Mike explained that he actually sold more of his My Pillow and My Store products after the story about MN Bank & Trust’s attempts to de-bank him was revealed to the public.

Mike Lindell only fears God. He will never cave to the pressure of the Left. He has certainly endured an unimaginable amount of hatred and attacks from the Left for his faith, for his steadfast belief in President Trump and his America First agenda, and his commitment to election integrity in America.

Bed Bath & Beyond was one of the first of 10 big box stores to cancel Mike Lindell and remove his My Pillow products from their stores during his open fight for election integrity in America. We wrote about the Bed Bath & Beyond store closings earlier this month:

A Year After Dropping MyPillow, Bed, Bath & Beyond Closes 37 Stores — “Lack Of Inventory” Cost Them $100 Million

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