Emergency crews responded after a military aircraft overshot the runway when landing at Marine Corps Base in Hawaii.

The incident reportedly occurred around 2 p.m. Monday when a P-8 Poseidon aircraft missed the runway and landed into Kaneohe Bay.

The aircraft had nine people on board, with everyone able to make it to shore uninjured.

Per Fox News:

1stLt Hailey Harms tells Fox News Digital the incident happened around 2 p.m. Monday when a large military aircraft apparently missed the runway, landing on the Kaneohe Bay.

Lt. Harms says nine people were on board and were able to make it safely to shore to be medically assessed. There were no reported injuries or causalities.

The plane involved was a Boeing P8 Poseidon, which is described as a military surveillance and patrol aircraft, according to officials.

Hawaii News Now added:

Following the incident, the plane could be seen partially submerged in shallow waters.

Authorities confirmed the aircraft had nine people on board and all of them made it to shore uninjured. The crew was conducting “routine training” at the time, military officials said.

The Boeing P8 Poseidon is described as a military surveillance and patrol aircraft.

Aircraft expert Peter Forman said the runway in Kaneohe is shorter, and bad weather and Kona winds may also have played a part.

“The pilot probably didn’t put the plane down exactly where he wanted to on the runway,” Forman said. “It’s probably a combination of all those factors put together.”

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.


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