One millennial is 100% FED Up! with her generation. It all started when millennial Alexis Bloomer watched an elderly man limping into the post office, and watched two young men walk by him and not even offer to help him. Here’s part of what Alexis had to say:

“We’re just existing, we’re not really contributing anything to society. Our generation doesn’t have the basic manners that include ‘no mam’ and ‘yes mam’. We don’t respect our elders. We don’t even respect our country. We’re stepping on our flag instead of stepping up to volunteer. And we idolize people like Kim Kardashian and then we shame people like Tim Tebow. We’re lazy, we’re really entitled, and we want to make a lot of money and have free education but we’re not really willing to put in the work.  We’re more divided as a country than ever before, and I think our generation has a lot to do with it. Everything that used to be frowned upon is now celebrated.”

Watch Alexis explain her motivation and reason for filming her apology to elders rant:

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