In Minnesota, a high school student named Avery Severson was falsely accused of sending horrible racist messages to a fellow student. The repercussions from this accusation caused her to feel unsafe in her own community, as she told Fox News in a recent interview.

The initial rumors surfaced after Severson was trying to form a Turning Point USA chapter at her high school. Right as her Conservative club was about to be formed, the racist messages surfaced on Instagram and suddenly Severson was in the spotlight as an accused racist.

The messages that Severson was falsely accused of sending are pictured below:

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In the Fox News interview, Severson said, “I just felt unsafe in my community. Adults were even posting the screenshots. And so it was on city pages. And I just felt unsafe and unsure of what was going to happen and unsure of what my future would hold because of these rumors.”

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Severson had to be escorted to class because of the danger these accusations were posing to her safety. The students and faculty at Severson’s school even staged a walkout as a response to the racist messages she had supposedly sent.


It surfaced on Friday that Severson was not, in fact, behind these cruel messages and that she was falsely accused, although the messager’s true identity has not been revealed.

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