On Friday, Leftist activists and Union members gathered to protest at the St. Paul Labor Center where the MN National Guard was stationed to protect surrounding communities from the riot violence. Although the National Guard was there to protect the protesters, their establishment, and their community from severe damage, they were ridiculed nonetheless to the point of having to withdraw from the location.

Photo of the “victorious” protesters who screamed at and ridiculed the men and women protecting their communities from violence.


Lawmakers have since come out to condemn the unnecessary and disrespectful actions of the protesters.

In a video showing a clip of the conflict, people are clapping as the National Guard prepares to depart. Protesters were shouting “Go home!”, “Don’t come back!”, and chanting “Whose house? Our house!” to the soldiers who were there to protect them. One of the top labor leaders, Bill McCarthy, was interviewed about this incident and he said, “I don’t think they were treated well. I thought they were treated with some disrespect and we don’t support that.”

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Governor Tim Walz also spoke out and expressed his disagreement with how the guardsmen were treated. Walz responded to a post from Pioneer Press, saying,

Let’s be clear: The brave men and women of the Minnesota National Guard are our neighbors. They’re teachers, health care workers, and business owners who live in communities across our state. This is unacceptable. They can’t “go home” — this is their home.

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State Representative Kurt Daudt joined in condemning the actions of protesters and their treatment of the National Guard. Daudt wrote in a tweet:

The way the @MNNationalGuard was treated by these unions is disgraceful. Union leaders involved in the decision to chase away and jeer fellow Minnesotans keeping the cities safe should apologize and resign. #mnleg

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