Mitt Romney just got Trumped! Romney failed to receive the GOP nomination at the Utah State Party Convention. He lost to a state legislator so he’ll have to run in the primary.

Romney has notoriously had disagreements with President Trump. The nail in the coffin was Romney’s refusal to support President Trump’s reelection:


Why elect a successor to Senator Orin Hatch who won’t support a sitting president’s agenda? Voters see through this has-been phony…

Well, the state delegates saw through the last gasp effort in Romney’s bid to win an election…


Fox News reports:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney ran into an obstacle Saturday in his bid to succeed Utah’s retiring U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch.

At the state’s Republican Party convention in West Valley City, Romney finished second in votes from party delegates, behind state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

That means Kennedy, who captured 50.18 percent of the delegate vote, and Romney (49.12 percent) will face each other in a GOP primary election June 26.

The people see through this bid by Romney. This might get really ugly for the anti-Trumper!


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