A shell shocked city smolders, after a night of violent riots, looting, and fires in Minneapolis, MN.

The destruction of the major metropolitan city ruled by Democrats is payback for the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after his neck was pinned to the ground by the knee of a MN police officer, as Floyd repeatedly told him he couldn’t breathe.

These are just a few photos taken last night of the city of Minneapolis burning:

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/MinnesotaMocha
Photo credit: https://twitter.com/MinnesotaMocha
Photo credit: https://twitter.com/MinnesotaMocha

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, tweeted an incredible video this morning, showing a street in Minneapolis, as fires smoldered and people walked between the rubble. The video looks more like a scene out of war-torn Syria than of a street in the United States of America.

“Do you have a relation to this property?” a reporter can be heard asking a man. ”Yeah, I own it.” he responds.

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Pray for the residents and business owners in this city.

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President Trump tweeted about the death of George Floyd yesterday, confirming that he has already engaged the FBI and DOJ in an investigation into the “very sad and tragic death” of George Floyd in MN. Trump added that he’s asked for the investigation to be “expedited,” saying he greatly appreciates all of the hard work done by local law enforcement. President Trump also shared his sympathy for Floyd’s family and friends, assuring them, “Justice will be served!”


Burning down a city over what appears to be the unjust death of a black man will not bring him back, it will, however, create more division and mistrust in their Democrat-run city.

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