So… Twitter is okay with death threats against Conservative content creators

As deranged liberals doxx and make death threats against Libs of TikTok, a conservative account, Twitter does… nothing.

Libs of TikTok is a conservative account which outs liberal groomers and other insane leftists by exposing and blowing up their deranged videos. A few days ago, the creator of the account was doxxed and it didn’t take long for death threats to start rolling in.

One unhinged leftist sent a bizarre and violent Tweet threatening assassination against the account creator, which Twitter has decided does not violate their rules. How convenient.

The unhinged Tweet made by a violent leftist

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If this isn’t a clear violation of Twitter’s policy against personal threats and violence, then nothing is. Yet the liberal hypocrites and psychopaths in charge of the Big Tech megacorp which banned President Trump seem to be highly selective in how they apply their rules. Meaning, if you threaten conservatives it’s perfectly okay to them, as seen below.

Twitter’s Response to the death threat

It’s clear to the world that unless Elon Musk is able to take the company over, the attack on conservatives and on those who speak truthfully will continue to be led by Twitter and other massive Tech companies. Liberals can get away with anything that they want on Twitter, but the moment a conservative speaks they are subject to suspension from the platform.

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Prominent conservative accounts, especially those without the protection of a blue check mark, are under fire. From Jack Posobiec, one of the largest conservative accounts on Twitter, to the Babylon Bee, to Libs of TikTok. If action isn’t coming from Twitter itself, it’s coming from the protected far-left users of the website. And what do all of these accounts have in common? They state the biological fact that men are men and women are women.

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