Another tragedy in LA resulting from corrupt District Attorney Gascon’s policy

Los Angela’s George Gascon is near the top of the list of Soros-backed, soft on crime District Attorneys facing a potential recall, now that San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin has been successfully recalled, and Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner faces impeachment.

The LA district attorney was among the most heavily financed by George Soros, and his policies have caused a 12% increase in crime since being sworn in in 2020.

This crime wave includes the tragic murder of two El Monte police officers, Joseph Santana, and Corporal Michael Paredes who were gunned down responding to a reported stabbing Tuesday night.

A woman paying tribute to slain police officer Joseph Santana at a makeshift memorial

Santana’s Mother, Olga Garcia, blames Gascon for fostering an environment which has led to brazen criminals committing acts of violence across the city.

From the New York Post:

“He has insane ideas about giving criminals a slap on the hand,” Garcia said. “We need to enforce our laws so more police officers don’t die.”

Gascon gives law breakers “more rights than police officers,” Garcia said.

It is not just Garcia who blames Gascon, however.

“George Gascón, you do not get to continue to use our streets and our brothers and our sisters in your experiment,” Ron Danison, president of the El Monte Police Officers’ Association, said. “You have failed the public, you have failed these families.”

Gascon’s office’s responded with the audacity to ask people to “stop playing politics with trauma.”

“Our office is committed to providing support for the loved ones of the victims who lost a life,” read a statement from the DA’s office issued Friday.

“We also hope people will stop playing politics with trauma and that we can all get serious about how we prevent serious violence before it begins. We will be working with anyone who is willing to solve these problems.”

His notoriously lax punishment for criminals has had many desperate to make a plea deal with him while they still can, before his likely impending recall. The reason? He doesn’t punish criminals. He gave a mere 5 months probation to a 17 year old who ran over a woman and her young son, nearly killing them.

Consequently, criminals are emboldened and more people are dying in the streets. And he thinks it’s political to blame him for these tragedies, while his every move which lets criminals off is what is truly political.


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